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Packer Hall of Famer Donald Driver strikes a pose with author David Zimmerman.

New Book Tells Compelling Story of How the Packer Legend Was Built

Legends are built by many factors over time, covering many events. As readers will surely discover, there’s a good deal more to the making of the legend of the Packers than their talented players and their two famous coaches.

Readers will explore the Packers hard-to-believe early years. They will learn how a sports writer convinced a small-town athlete to start his own professional football team; how the players started out playing on open fields, then small wooden stadiums before building their own most celebrated stadium, Lambeau Field.

“The Packers represent something that goes far beyond football and well past sports in general,” said Zimmerman. “Their story represents something that has stood the test of time and goes beyond normal understanding and conception, and along the way, has developed a unique and rare integrity for all of us to admire, and in some way, imitate.”

The Legendary Green Bay Packers – How the Legend Was Built, is the culmination of all the research Zimmerman has done over the past 15 years. It is not a straight history of the franchise, but rather a celebration of the people and events that created the legend. The author focused on the business leaders, fans, writers, broadcasters, coaches and players who all contributed to the legendary phenomenon which has become the Green Bay Packers of today.

Lambeau. Hutson. Lombardi. Starr. Blood. Hornung and Taylor. They’re all here. So are the 13 NFL Championships, many of the greatest games in NFL history and the grueling Packers-Bears rivalry. But the Packer legend is built upon so much more. It’s the unbelievably loyal fans and dedicated business people who refused to let the team succumb to financial ruin. It’s civic pride in Green Bay and throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. It’s also journalists who have passionately and professionally told the team’s story over ten decades.

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David Zimmerman

David Zimmerman is the author of over thirty books, including Lambeau – Man Behind the Mystique and six other books on the Packers.  His is presently a member of the Board of Directors (Emeritus) for the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

He was president and CEO of his own publishing and consulting business before retiring recently.

His other books on the Packers include The Rise of the Packer Dynasty describes the beginning of that amazing period, starting with that first season in 1959 and continuing through 1961 when the Packers would once again become world champions.

Other books on the Green Bay Packers include:  Lambeau Legends; Packer Profiles of Courage; In Search of a Hero – The Life and Times of Tony Canedeo.  He co-authored two books with his son, Stephen:  The History of the Green Bay Packers, Volumes I and II.  Additionally, he has written over 25 books on diverse subjects.


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