Franklin, WI – The Green Bay Packers did not become a legendary team solely through years of hard work. Indeed, many different factors contributed to shaping the Packer legend that fans know today.  One especially crucial factor was the enthusiastic, passionate storytelling by journalists who covered the team, stoked public interest and kept those fires of interest burning for decades.

So writes author David Zimmerman in his brand new book, The Legendary Green Bay Packers – How the Legend Was Built.  Zimmerman, who’s written seven other books on the Packers including Lambeau – The Man Behind the Mystique, outlines how vital a role journalists played in Packer lore from the very beginning.

“The Packers legend starts with a newspaper journalist who turned out to be a visionary in his own right, George Whitney Calhoun, sports editor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette,” said Zimmerman. “He’s given credit for helping start the Packers and rightfully so. From Calhoun and his earliest print colleagues to the dawn of radio and TV and up to today’s insatiable 24-hour Internet news cycle, there is no way to overestimate how valuable the dedicated men and women in the media have been in shaping and preserving the Packer legend.”

The Legendary Green Bay Packers – How the Legend was Built, is the culmination of all the research Zimmerman has done over the past 15 years.  It is not a straight history of the franchise, but rather it’s a celebration of the people and events that created the legend.  The author focused on the business leaders, fans, writers, broadcasters, coaches and players who all contributed to the legendary phenomenon which has become the Green Bay Packers of today.

The book is now available and can be purchased online at

About the Author David Zimmerman is the author of over thirty books, including Lambeau – The Man Behind the Mystique, the first-ever biography of Curly Lambeau, and In Search of a Hero about the life and times of Tony Canadeo as well as five other books on the Packers.  He is presently a member of the Board of Directors (Emeritus) for the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.  He was president and CEO of his own publishing and consulting business before retiring.

(Editor’s Note: A limited amount of review copies of the book are available and interviews with Mr. Zimmerman may be scheduled by contacting Tom Andrews as noted above.)



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